Why Are We Called “The Arrow”?

December 2, 2019
By Luke Martin and Trystan Freeman

“The Arrow” is not just some random name for our school newspaper – there is a very strong logic. 

The name comes from the Greek god Apollo, and he is the method behind the madness. He is the god of many things, such as archery, children’s education, truth, poetry, and was even on the side of the Trojans during the Trojan War.

Now you might be saying, Wow, what a coincidence? The Arrow is about the same things that Apollo was! But we assure you this is no coincidence. Our awesome editor and teacher, Mrs. Overberg, was the one who realized these similar characteristics.

Now let’s get into a deeper understanding of Apollo’s history.

The gods played a very important role in all that the Greeks did. Apollo is the son of two of the most influential Greek gods, Zeus and Leto. Apollo also has a twin that you may have heard of – Artemis. 

He was one of the 12 Olympians who lived on Mount Olympus. What does it mean to be an Olympian? It means one who is superior to all others: an intellectual Olympian, a contestant in either the ancient or the modern Olympic Games, or a native or inhabitant of the region of Olympia in Greece. 

During the Trojan War, Apollo played a major role. He was on the Trojans’ side with Poseidon to overthrow Zeus. As a punishment for the rebellion, Poseidon and Apollo had to work at human wages.

We asked Mrs. Overberg why she picked Apollo to be The Arrow’s mascot. 

“I was looking for something that could go along with our school mascot, the Trojans. Journalists are sharp, and since I know a few things about how the Trojan War was fought, I thought that an arrow was a great representation of the ‘piercing’ questions that a good journalist needs to ask. 

“Apollo is the deity of archery. He helped guide the arrow that Paris used to kill Achilles at the end of the Trojan War. He’s also a deity that presides over knowledge (especially the education of children). He is a god of justice and of the light which shines on the truth – he cannot tell a lie.”

Apollo is no random mascot for The Arrow – he is a well-thought-out symbol of what we are as The Arrow. He can’t tell a lie, and that’s what we, as The Arrow staff, try to uphold in all of our articles.

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Article updated to reflect Mrs. Overberg’s name change.