Testing After Spring Break

By Miyanna Rouser, Shayla Sprouse, and Shannon Walker 

Testing after break can be a positive, negative, or a neutral thing to students. There are many reasons for why testing can be hard or easy for students, but the only way to find some of those reasons is to ask.

“I think [testing after break] is pretty neutral because it gave me a break, so I have a refreshed mind when I come back,” states Violet Di Francia (6th). 

Gavin Barngrover in 8th grade said, “I don’t wanna do the test, because I just got off my spring break.”

Nathyn Wood in 7th grade said “I kinda don’t get it because how are we supposed to remember everything?”

Should testing be taken further apart or closer together?  “Tests should be taken closer together because then you have more time to do other things and homework and you don’t have to worry about testing,” GAVIN states.

 “I really don’t know how to answer that because further would mean more time, but closer would mean more stress but getting it done quicker,” said Kayln Richmeier in 6th grade. 

“Farther apart is better because you learn more as you go on, so it might be more helpful,” says Nathyn Wood (7th). 

What are our students’ mindsets going into CMAS testing? 

All the students we interviewed said it was stressful and they didn’t want to take the test. 

Our environment during testing appears to be what affects Katie Benazides (8th)., “I am hating school, not wanting to be here, and not wanting to see the people here,” she expresses. 

“I don’t feel good about it because it is a lot of pressure, ” says Mercedes Sprouse(7th).

Violet Di Francia in 6th just wants to get a good score. “I just make sure I’m doing my best to get the best score I can on the CMAS test,” she states. 

What do staff members think about CMAS testing after Spring Break and how does it affect them differently?

“I hate the 4th quarter because there is no down time. I think if we are doing high stakes testing during the 4th quarter there should be some time off for staff and students to basically have a mental health day or two or a school wide field trip – just something so we can all have a break,” says Mrs. Rands (7th Science).

She continued; “I also think that since there is no down time in the 4th quarter, that students need more incentives to persevere through the quarter and do their best on the tests.” 

“There are pros and cons to testing at any time of the year. Testing after Spring Break gives staff more time to instruct students. I think it is positive that we are testing two weeks after Spring Break so we get time for instruction/review,” says Mrs. Sutter (Vice Principal in charge of testing).

Mrs. McLane (Gifted and Talented/Journalism teacher) sees some positives; “It reminds me that the year is almost over! My brain starts thinking about things that I haven’t yet done with students and things that I want to do differently with students next year. (Yes, even after 16 years of teaching, I’m always looking for the next great thing!).”

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