Nasty Lies on Social Media

By Miyanna Rouser, Shayla Sprouse, and Shannon Walker

Do you ever feel like rumors ever get out of control because of social media? Rumors can spiral out of control and lead to mis-information. Rumors can be very damaging to the person or people involved. There is a reason behind every rumor. Whether it’s just for attention or because the person did something to them; there’s a reason behind every action. 

The Arrow has decided to strictly interview 8th graders. The reason for this is because they are all above 13 years old which is the average age that apps allow you to use and post on social media. We came to the conclusion to ask them: What do you do when you see rumors spreading on social media? When and how would you report fake content on social media? Would ignoring rumors be a good way to handle possible mis-information?Why or Why not? 

To commence, Davon Johnson claims, “Usually I don’t believe them and don’t get involved, unless it’s something really bad, like somebody being accused of false information,”…  “Being involved in helping someone can be hard because once you’re in it, you can’t back down.”

Next, Johnson says, “Sometimes, depending on what the rumor is, like if the person has it handled then it’s ok, but if they are continuously getting threatened, then it would be best to help”.

Also, Aysha Spearman has a different point of view.“I wouldn’t report [rumors], because I’m not a snitch,” she states. To her, she likes to be “involved in drama, and if it’s about someone I don’t like, then there is no need to report it. I just find it funny.”. 

In the middle of the responses Coereon Brown told us, “I mean I guess I would look at [an online rumor], but I wouldn’t know if it was true or not.”

“If it was really wrong, I would report it. But usually I just tell my friends because it gives us knowledge beforehand of drama,” Ailani Cole said. 

Why might people not ignore possible mis-information? “Ignoring rumors would not be a good way to handle possible mis-information because I feel like sometimes they might be important,” expresses Jaden Jordan. We wonder though, what could be important about mis-information?

Deshawn Williams says, “[I wouldn’t ignore rumors] because it could be something relevant to another rumor spreading.” 

To conclude, if you see or hear about a rumor you’re not too sure is safe, tell an adult. There are plenty of trusted people that can help.

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