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Since the Fall Semester of 2018, The Arrow Student Newspaper has served the Fountain Middle School community. To participate, students in 7th and 8th grade take the year-long Journalism Elective.

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Latest from the Blog

Fashion Trends at FMS

By Temprence Bunten, Kaia Frame, Armani Reeves, and Bee Swarthout Photo taken by Armani Reeves  At Fountain Middle School, many fashion trends take place. A variety of students means a variety of styles and trends. Ranging from Crocs to Jordans, and baggy pants to ripped skinnies, we asked students about fashion trends and their personal preferences…

How much do you know about students with disabilities at FMS?

By Peyton Butkovich, Alex Medina, and Kiryn WilkinsonPhoto by Kiryn Wilkinson How much do you know about the students at our school with disabilities and the Fountain Middle School Special Education Department? The Arrow not only wanted to educate students about Special Education, but we also wanted to see what our peers already know about…

2023 Spring Dance

By Ilias Bean, Damian Mosses, Bailee Upton, and Naomi WelchPhoto by Bailee Upton  This spring, FMS has decided to present its hardworking students with yet another school dance. We, the FMS Arrow, asked students how they feel about this upcoming dance. 6th-grade student, Maliyh Barnet stated, “I’m probably going with my friends. [I’m excited because]…