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Since the Fall Semester of 2018, The Arrow Student Newspaper has served the Fountain Middle School community. To participate, students in 7th and 8th grade take the year-long Journalism Elective.

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Latest from the Blog

Clubbing at FMS

By Tyler Akompi, Jaden Fontecchio, Da’Kari Releford, and Xavier Valdez Photo of Dungeons and Dragons club by Xavier Valdez We asked kids around FMS about clubs and if they were interested in joining any of the clubs available here at FMS. These were their responses. 6th Grader Serenity Washington Koebel had a lot of different interests […]

Fall 2022 Volleyball

By Roselise Harding and Londyn WidhalmPhoto of Roselise with her volleyball by Londyn Widhalm Have you ever wondered who started the amazing sport volleyball? William G. Morgan invented this sport in 1895 in Holyoke Massachusetts. Volleyball used to be called mintonette, then in 1896, it was changed to ‘Volleyball’ by Professor Alfred T. Halsted because […]

Fall Wrestlers

By Kennedy Jensen and Leticia RegaladoPhoto of Coach Montoya and his team by Kennedy Jensen The wrestling season was from October 2 through November 19. The Arrow interviewed the FMS Wrestling Team and the head coach to shine a light on this one-on-one sport.  Eighth-grader Taycen Stowe was inspired to join wrestling by a friend. […]