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Since the Fall Semester of 2018, The Arrow Student Newspaper has served the Fountain Middle School community. To participate, students in 7th and 8th grade take the year-long Journalism Elective.

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Testing After Spring Break

By Miyanna Rouser, Shayla Sprouse, and Shannon Walker  Testing after break can be a positive, negative, or a neutral thing to students. There are many reasons for why testing can be hard or easy for students, but the only way to find some of those reasons is to ask. “I think [testing after break] is […]

From Middle School To High School 

By Mackinsey Martinez and Anna Neidigh  Change is a part of life.  Eventually everyone grows up and the older you get, the more change you will experience.  Transitioning from elementary school to middle school was big.  It’s hard to believe that once upon a time, we would hang our coats and backpacks on little hooks […]

Nasty Lies on Social Media

By Miyanna Rouser, Shayla Sprouse, and Shannon Walker Do you ever feel like rumors ever get out of control because of social media? Rumors can spiral out of control and lead to mis-information. Rumors can be very damaging to the person or people involved. There is a reason behind every rumor. Whether it’s just for […]